"I recently signed a lease with PPM at 634 W. Cornelia and am so excited to move into the apartment. I just wanted to give a kudos to the leasing agent I worked with, Zehida, she was great! I got to review all of the apartments that I wanted to look at in one visit, and it was easy to make a well informed decision. I chose 634 W. Cornelia because of the beautiful hardwood floors and the landscaped courtyard. Also, my experience with the building engineer, Val, has already been positive. He has answered all of my calls immediately and is kind enough to see if I'm able to move in early. Thanks, PPM!"  - Cassandra


"634 W. Cornelia  is my first apartment in Chicago and I couldn’t be happier that I chose PPM! I have a large one bedroom with a formal dining room and I feel I have a great deal – I saw others in the neighborhood that were a lot more expensive.  The location is super convenient, 3 grocery shops (whole foods, Jewel & Treasure Island) are all within walking distance, Train and Bus are almost at the door, the shops, bars,  plenty choices of restaurants and parks (and the Lake) are all within a 5 min walk.  I gave up my car when I moved in and I have no regrets, I walk everywhere. LOVE IT!"  - Julie

"Here was my ‘must have’ list when I was looking for my new place: hardwood floors (real hardwood not laminate), sunny and bright (my last place looked into a brick wall) and a quiet tree lined street. 
634 W. Cornelia met my criteria and I have been happy here for 3 years.  Location is perfect for me, the Red Line is around the corner and the lakefront is 2 blocks eastVal, our building engineer, is great – lawn is always cut and we are the first building on the block to be shoveled in the winter."  - Jeremy